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alpha 2 berth - campervan hire australia

spaceships au alpha 2 berth campervan hire australia

Spaceships AU
Auto 1998/1999 (fitted out 2007-2011)
2.4 litre petrol 2 cooking burners
AM FM Radio Dual Battery System
number of adultsx 2

    Two burner cooker
    Dual battery system
    Lockable rear storage
    21 litre fridge/freezer
    Seat-belted seating for 4
    Large double bed (use fully inside or extended out the back with an attachable rear awning)

Sleeping Option 1 - Internal sleeping option
    Ideal for use on colder nights
    A comfortable full size double bed set up in under 10 seconds set up
    A well insulated vehicle - just like a car
    The innovative design means you do not need to rearrange the interior to get to your gear
    Bed is 1.92m long and 1.4m wide fully set up inside
Only Spaceships campervan rentals Australia have two sleeping options allowing you to sleep inside with the back door closed or sleep outside by extending the bed into the rear awning for 30% more space and ventilation. To set up: Simply turn the rear seat around to face the back door, set up the internal bed legs (provided for free) then sit the bed extension and mattress on top. This takes under 10 seconds and is a great option for the winter months.

Sleeping Option 2 - Extend the bed for 30% more space and ventilation
    30% more space and ventilation
    A great option for those hot summer nights
    A comfortable full size double bed in less than 10 seconds set up
    Rear bed extension acts as a great table or seat
    Waterproof rear awning provided
    Bed is 1.92m long and 1.4m wide fully extended out the back
This is a great sleeping option and is unique to Spaceships. It is better suited to the summer months. All you have to do is extend the bed out the back by using the same bed extension as the internal option then fit the rear awning. This takes 30 seconds and provides a fully enclosed waterproof sleeping option providing 30% more space and ventilation. A large insect screened window is included which can be zipped up or left down for increased ventilation.

Portable Two Element Cooker
    Means you can have a pot and pan going at the same time
    Comes with one free gas canister
A customised cooker stand is provided that sets up in seconds. This provides an external platform to cook from. Alternatively you can set your portable cooker up on picnic tables in campgrounds. A complete cooking kit is provided along with utensils and a 20 litre water container.

Special dual battery system
    Charges automatically as you drive
    Powers the stereo, Fridge and internal lights
    Means you do not need to pay for a powered campsite each night
All Spaceships are set up with two batteries forming a dual battery system. One battery starts the engine and the second battery powers the accessories.  This means you save money as you do not have to pay for powered sites each night like you would in an ordinary campervan or motorhome to charge your vehicle.

Seat-belted seating for 3-4
    Room for two adults in the front and the back
There is seat-belted seating for four people. The back seat has a tilt adjustment to recline the seat to watch a movie or have a snooze whilst on the road. It is also on a runner in the floor so it can be adjusted depending on the leg-room required.

AM/FM radio 
    4 speaker surround sound speaker system
   Your Spaceship comes fitted with a quality MP3 player. There is a surround sound system with 4 speakers so you can cruise and listen to your favourite music.

 Large secure storage area
    Space for two soft backpacks
    Easy access with rear awning up via a new awning design
    Separate internal storage accessible from the side doors
    Space for cooking gear, dry foods and daypacks
The main storage is accessed from the back and can securely store two large soft backpacks. We have improved the rear awning by including a large zip down area so you can access the rear storage compartment with the awning still on. The internal storage area is where the cookers, cutlery and cooking equipment are stored and offers space for dry food storage. Once again you do not have to re arrange the interior for day and night time use.

Quality fridge/freezer
     Enough room for a 6 pack of beers (or a carton of milk/bottle of wine) and some food
A quality fridge/freezer is provided. This unit is highly reliable and will actually keep your food chilled like a normal fridge.

Unique 2 in 1 swivel seat design for internal seating, and sleeping
The middle seat in a Spaceship performs three unique functions:
1. Driving mode: The seat can face forward in the driving position and seat one person with a shoulder belt. This enables a child seat or booster seat to be fitted if required. We cannot cater for babies under the age of one.
2. Sleeping mode: You can swivel the seat to face the back door and extend the bed internally for sleeping with the back door shut (bed legs are included for free, and they only take about 10 seconds to set up).

Automatic transmission (easy to drive)
    Very easy to drive
    Big windscreen for great driving experience
    Great fuel economy
The Alpha Spaceship is like a good car to drive. They are well suited to Australian roads, hills and cities. Features include two cup holders, single slide door, electric windows, mirrors and power steering. In keeping with all Spaceships they are fun, safe and easy to drive.

Please note: The shown motorhomes are only example vehicles of the different groups. Relevant for your booking is the vehicle data - number of seats and beds, layout - shown on the availability screen and on the reservation screen.
***Please note floor plans and interior shots are indicative only***
***The supplier reserves the right to substitute this vehicle model with other vehicles from the same Category***

Spaceships AU information

5-10 AUD $54.59
11-21 AUD $48.63
22-32 AUD $44.66
33-59 AUD $38.71
60+ AUD $38.71
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Spaceships AU Rental Terms for travel between 24-Feb-2020 and 26-Feb-2020

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